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Wheatfield Family Dentistry is a prevention oriented family practice. With regular preventative care such as exams, cleanings
and x-rays, we are able to detect small problems before they require more extensive treatment. Our philosophy
is that by treating decay and gum disease early, more extensive emergency type treatment can be avoided.

COVID-19 Guidance

I hope all of our dental patients and family are doing their best to stay safe and healthy. I know during times like these, even everyday routines, life and worries can become magnified. We have been given strict guidelines on what is considered a dental emergency. That does not mean we have abandoned our patients.

If you call the office (694-1777) we will have a staff member there or a phone number you can call to speak with a dentist. If you have a dental emergency and are not positive for Corona virus, we will treat you. If you have tested positive or have symptoms, one of our dentists will arrange for emergency treatment.

If you are not sure if your dental concern is an emergency, please call us. Someone is always on call to answer questions, give advice, or reassure you.

Hopefully the world will begin to recover and lives will soon get back to normal. Until then take care and God bless.

Dr. Kathleen Casacci

What to Expect

On your first visit with Wheatfield Family Dentistry, Dr. Casacci administers an exam to establish existing dental work and
determines if additional dental procedures are needed. She then creates a “Treatment Plan,” which is a description of the recommended work that is needed to bring the patient up to good dental health standards. The doctor will explain what each recommendation entails. If a patient has either existing tooth decay or periodontal disease, they must be addressed first before extensive crowns, bridges, or partials are made. The only exceptions would be a patient with aesthetic concerns such as a broken front tooth or emergency treatment. WFD uses only mercury free filling materials to restore teeth to their natural tooth color.







Dr. Kathleen M. Casacci

DDS, MAGD agd-master

Dr. Heather Heppner


Dr. Anna E. Bailey


Patient Financing Available

Your treatment should not be stalled or set aside because of financing.  At Wheatfield Family Dentistry, we offer all of our patients the option to finance through Lending Club. For more information on Lending Club financing, follow the link to the right and apply.

Dental Health Club – “No Insurance, No Problem”

Wheatfield Family Dentistry is pleased to announce the implementation of a new Dental Health Club for our non insured patients.

Learn more about our “no insurance, no problem ” Dental Health Club.

Wonderful staff, service and updated dental equipment. Superb experience. I would say this place is the Disneyland of Dental offices. Honestly. I always leave happy because they make the dentist a happy place despite the dental challenges you may be having. They look out for your best interest and have genuine concern for your health and well-being. Love this place!! – Kimberly O.


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