Benefits of Dental Crowns

In the field of dentistry, restorative dentistry is the area that focuses on treatments that allow you to begin using your mouth to its fullest degree. Often, it involves treatments like root canals and fillings, as well as dental crowns. At Wheatfield Family Dentistry in North Tonawanda, NY we offer a full array of restorative treatments and strongly encourage all patients to learn about the many benefits of dental crowns.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Crowns?

Though all forms of restorative treatment are beneficial, as your preferred dentist in North Tonawanda, we recommend all patients recognize the benefits of dental crowns because they do answer such a long list of problems and concerns. Just consider that our dental crowns specialist can help you by offering treatment for:

  • Teeth too damaged to be treated with a traditional filling
  • Teeth with large areas of decay too extensive for a traditional filling
  • Teeth harmed by injury
  • Teeth treated with a root canal or overly large filling
  • Teeth that are deeply stained or somehow disfigured
  • Teeth replaced with dental implants
  • Teeth called upon to be used as abutments in a dental bridge

As you can see, the list of the benefits of dental crowns is extensive and comprehensive. Yet, there are still more benefits to consider. After all, they are custom made for your needs and look entirely natural. They are incredibly easy to make and bond to the prepared tooth. They also last for many years as long as you provide good oral hygiene and regular cleanings and checkups.

Dental crowns protect and preserve a natural tooth, allowing you to enjoy optimal oral health. They also eliminate pain and discomfort, enabling you to eat, speak and chew naturally and comfortably for years to come.

Learn More About Dental Crowns

Are you interested in learning more about dental crowns? If so, feel free to give us a call at Wheatfield Family Dentistry at our North Tonawanda, NY office at 716-694-1777. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.

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