Benefits of Dental Implants

If you have missing teeth, you know it can be embarrassing to open your mouth and smile. In fact, you might be avoiding doing those things. Missing teeth can cause all sorts of other dental health issues. This is no way to live. It is time you learned more about the benefits of dental implants to see what they can do for you.

Top Benefits of Dental Implants

First, consider the aesthetic factor. When you have a tooth replaced with an implant, it will allow you to feel more confident. You will be far more interested in smiling. It will help to boost your esteem, and that can provide you with a nice psychological boost. Of course, the benefits of dental implants do not stop there.

The dental implants are the next best option to having natural, healthy teeth. They ensure you do not have any missing space in your teeth, as this would often cause your other teeth to shift position. You will retain your bite. Another one of the benefits of dental implants is the fact that the dental implants are a good long-term solution. When you take proper care of them, they will last for decades without trouble.

The care for these implants is quite easy. You treat them like you would normal teeth, which means brushing and flossing, just to help keep them clean and to ensure the health of the rest of your mouth. This is certainly an easier solution than getting false teeth and dentures. While they might be a good choice for some, they do take more maintenance and upkeep.

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Dental Implants Overview

One of the best options in the world of cosmetic dentistry today is dental implants. People today are less interested in bridges and false teeth. They want to have something that is permanent and durable, while minimizing maintenance efforts. Dental implants are the solution that many have been waiting for, and they could be the right option for you too.

Dental Implants for Your Mouth

The concept behind the implants is quite simple. The dental implant has three parts – abutment, post, and grown. The post is the part inserted into the gums and the jawbone. It will then fuse with the jaw to become permanent and strong. The abutment is on top of the post and the crown goes on top of that. The crown is the portion that looks like an actual tooth. The crowns are custom made so they look like the patient’s other teeth.

Those who choose dental implants will find that they have quite a few benefits. First, they restore function to the mouth by allowing people to chew better and to eat the foods they want. The implants will also ensure that other teeth do not shift and crowd into the space. Those who were missing teeth might have felt self-conscious as well, and they might not have liked smiling. Fortunately, these will restore that beautiful smile. You will feel much better once you have a lovely and healthy smile again.

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Of course, even though these are all benefits, it does not mean that dental implants are right for you. It is important to consider whether you are a good candidate or not. You can speak with one of our implant dentistry specialists about this soon. Visit our contact page, or you can call us at Wheatfield Family Dentistry at 716-694-1777. We want to help you with your dental needs.