Root Canal FAQs

Root canals have an unfair reputation, and at Wheatfield Family Dentistry in North Tonawanda, NY, we encourage all our patients to consider these root canal FAQs to help clear up some of their concerns, especially if we recommend this effective treatment.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

The way treatment is done is surprisingly simple. The endodontist examines the tooth and determines how to proceed. They numb the area and then remove all the infected tissue from inside the tooth. They treat the interior of the tooth with special compounds and then fill and seal it. Now, the decay is halted and prevented from further spread, and your pain is at an immediate end.

The pain of dental decay and infection is what makes many associate a root canal with something negative. However, as your preferred dentist in North Tonawanda, we encourage you to flip this common view on its head and reconsider the simple facts. For example, it is the root canal itself that ends the pain and quickly restores the tooth to its fullest use; making the root canal the hero of the story!

That is why endodontics (the area of dentistry that deals with the inside of the tooth) is also described as a form of restorative dentistry. It allows you to use the tooth like normal and without pain.

Is There a Substantial Benefit to a Root Canal?

This is another of the important root canal FAQs because many people will want to have a filling or even ask for a tooth to be removed rather than undergo the root canal. However, one of the main benefits of this treatment is that it allows a dentist to save an adult tooth. This preserves the overall health of your mouth as well as your bite.

How Long Does a Root Canal Last?

Another of the common root canal FAQs is this one, and the answer varies. Typically, it is a permanent restoration, but you will need to have regular exams and checkups in addition to practicing good oral hygiene to ensure the long lifespan that most root canals offer.

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Am I a Candidate for Root Canals?

It is unfortunate that more people remain unaware of the profound benefits of endodontics. This is the area of dentistry that focuses on the interior or pulp of the tooth. It is a specialty that includes root canals, and perhaps that alone is why so many people don’t understand the value of their endodontist. At Wheatfield Family Dentistry in North Tonawanda, NY we provide our patients with a full range of endodontic treatments, including root canals, and encourage them to understand what makes them a candidate for root canals.

After all, most will wonder something along the lines of “why me?” when hearing they are a candidate for root canals. However, it is actually good news. It means your tooth is going to be able to be saved by your dentist in North Tonawanda, NY and you can then use it without pain or difficulty. It actually restores your bite to normal.

So, what makes someone a candidate for root canals? It is actually quite simple. You are a candidate for fillings if you have decay in the enamel or surface of the tooth. If that decay has passed through the enamel and into the pulp, you can become a candidate. If that decay has caused infection in one of the roots, it means it is time to have root canal therapy to save the tooth.

There are very few patients who are not a good candidate for root canals. Usually, root canal therapy is not an option if a tooth is fractured below the gum line or the shape of the root makes a root canal too difficult. It is something the endodontist will review.

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Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

When you went to the dentist or talked with a friend about your tooth problems, did you hear the dreaded words “root canal” uttered? Your friend may have tried to frighten you with horror stories, while the dentist probably tried to alleviate your fears. You see, root canals today are not as problematic as they were years ago. In fact, many feel that they are about the same as getting a filling. Do not put off getting a root canal if it is the best option for you. There are many benefits of root canals.

No More Pain

This is the biggest benefit. People associate root canals with pain because it is the pain that brought them to the dentist in the first place. The pulp in their tooth has become infected, and it needs to be removed. The root canal removes this and the pain goes away. Once the pain goes away, you can get back to your normal life.

You do not have to worry about pain every time you take a bite. You do not have to keep chewing in other areas of your mouth to avoid aggravating the tooth, which means you will not be suffering from uneven wear and tear on the teeth. You will then have a crown placed over the tooth, which will help to keep it safer for the future. These are just some of the other benefits of root canals.

Save Your Tooth With a Root Canal

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You might still be worried about the pain after a root canal. Most describe it as being about the same as having a deep filling, and that it is easily treated with some over the counter pain medication.

Root Canals Overview

Root Canals Overview

Of all of the dental procedures out there, root canals probably have the worst reputation. People fear them and jokes are made about them. However, the reason for this fear is generally because people know very little about them, especially with today’s modern dental technology. Do not listen to the misinformation that people spread. Instead, learn the truth about root canals.

An Easier Treatment

Today, this procedure is considered routine for dentists. In fact, they are not much different from getting a filling, since you will be under a local anesthetic for both procedures. This means you will not feel any pain. Our dentists work hard to provide you with the best and most painless experience possible. In fact, you will not have to worry about pain during the procedure, and you should heal quickly afterwards. Most patients will only need to have over the counter pain meds.

Relieve Your Pain

People get root canals because they are already in pain. They want to find a solution to that pain caused by infected tooth pulp, and this is the best option in most cases. The treatment will remove the infected pulp, which will quickly relieve the pain you are feeling. This means chewing and getting back to a normal life is easier.

Save the Tooth

Another great thing about root canals is that they will allow you to save your tooth. Instead of getting an implant or a bridge, you will still have your natural tooth. This can provide you with a nice and healthy mouth. Of course, the endodontist will let you know which treatment is best for you.

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