Dental Implants Facts

Dental implants are an intensive restorative dentistry procedure that may be necessary for patients with lost or broken teeth. Implant dentistry has developed into a useful and successful field, offering a great way to restore functionality to the mouth and get patients to feel better than ever. Our dentists in North Tonawanda can provide the top dental implants facts for your peace of mind. These top five dental implants facts will make you feel more comfortable about the process!

Dental Implants are Cavity-Free

You never need to worry about contracting cavities or dealing with tooth decay on the dental implants. They are made of artificial material for protection. But you should still brush and floss the surrounding areas!

Dental Implants are Made of Titanium

Did you know that dental implants are made of titanium? This is the same material made by NASA, as it is very strong but also very light.

Dental Implants are Great for All Ages

Any patient who meets the requirements and prerequisites for dental implants can become a good candidate, regardless of age. If the patient’s teeth have finished growing, they can receive implants.

Dental Implants Increase Your Strength

This restorative dentistry procedure works wonders for the strength of your mouth, helping to return functionality to your jaw. The titanium encourages the growth of new bones, too!

Dental Implants have the Best Success Rate

Dental implants have the best rate of success out of any restorative dentistry procedure available. There is a 98% chance of success in all patients, making it a better option than bridges, crowns, and dentures.

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