February is Children’s Dental Health Month

Wheatfield Family Dentistry is pleased to announce that all patients can benefit from better awareness about dental health.  We have several specials for February and a special announcement about a Dental Health Club.


During the month of February children and adults can benefit from fluoride treatments at the low price of $10.00 during your appointment with one of our hygienists.  Fluoride protects both children and adults from cavities.  Fluoride also specifically benefits adults who have receding gums to decrease sensitivity and protects the root surfaces from decay.


Adults will also have the opportunity to have a Velscope oral cancer exam for only $10.00.  Oral cancer can strike at any age and has increasingly been associated with younger individuals who have been exposed to Human Papilloma Virus 16 and 18.  This is the same virus associated with cervical cancer in women, but it can cause oral cancer in men and women.  Other risk factors include smoking, and those who drink alcohol daily.


Screening for oral cancer should be done at least 1x every 2 years for adults not at risk and yearly for those with risk factors.  We at Wheatfield Family Dentistry always do a simple visual exam with every hygiene appointment, Velscope is a light enhanced exam that allows your dentist to see increased blood flow activity under the surface of oral tissues for earlier detection of cancers. Only 50% of people diagnosed with oral cancer live 5 years, it’s worth it to get checked!