Root Canal Facts

Root canals may sound like scary procedures, but in reality, this is an important part of restorative dentistry that can save your tooth and protect the rest of your mouth from infection and disease. With many advancements in endodontics, there could be a lot about root canals that you may not know. Our North Tonawanda dentists want to give you some top root canal facts to ease your mind.

Root Canals Can Save Teeth

Root canals can repair a tooth that has been partially decayed. The endodontics professional will scoop out the decayed pulp, leaving the rest of the tooth in the mouth and using a composite filling to seal the tooth back up. This often saves the tooth and wipes out the source of infection to save the rest of your mouth, too.

Tooth Pulp Must Be Removed

Tooth pulp occurs when the nerve of the tooth is badly damaged by bacteria and other harmful substances. This causes decay and disease and should be removed immediately.

Root Canal Procedures Are Not Painful

Here it is, the most popular of the root canal facts. Fortunately, it brings good news! The root canal procedure is not a painful process, and many patients compare it to the feeling of having composite fillings put in for cavities.

You Can Treat Your Mouth Normally After a Root Canal Procedure

Fortunately, you can continue to maintain the same oral hygiene habits that you are used to. You are encouraged to brush and floss at least twice per day, especially around areas that are prone to cavities.

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